'Only those who force themselves to explore - will be able to experience more.'  


Jeffrey Cervantes, Digital Marketing & Communications Professional and Contemporary Artist.

b. 1989, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom.

Jeffrey Cervantes completed his final year studying Critical Fine Art Practice at the University of Brighton in 2011. 

Our individual stories are non-fixated and ever-changing, causing a unpredictable evolution. Like lines we split, break, go in circles at times and we ever-so often branch into new directions.  

We tend to experience individual components which make up one thing, to assess the whole picture. This mental work we put in to fragment and assess, begins to work out like a puzzle, which begins to invite/force us to narrate a meaning. 

My aim through my work is to portray this fragmentation, this iconography that changes and evolves with each viewer and even with myself as time goes by.